In this episode, we’ll be analyzing the vocabulary of Meghan Trainor’s hit song “Made You Look,” with the goal of helping you improve your skills. 

We’ll break down some of the most challenging and interesting words and phrases in the lyrics, and provide examples and practice sentences for you to repeat. Get ready for some slang words! 

In episode 186:

  • repeat the lyrics line by line
  • some song facts 
  • pronunciation: ‘Gucci’, ‘Versace’, ‘Louis Viton’
  • phrases: ‘to make somebody look’, ‘double take’, ‘to make a scene’, ‘jaw drop’, ‘to get a taste’ 
  • words: ‘chiropractor’, ‘bop’, ‘a mess’, ‘hoodie’, 
  • phrasal verb: ‘take off’
  • fun slang words
  • 10 sentences to repeat out loud while listening to the episode. Listen, speak and learn!

Download the Worksheet and sing along!


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