Let’s focus on ‘tell’ today and learn how to use it properly! Stop confusing it with ‘say’, ‘talk’ or ‘speak’. 

Use ‘tell’ with confidence! Speak English fearlessly 🙂  Will you remember all 15 expressions? Well, only time will tell 😀 I’m just telling it like it is!

In episode 151:

  • 15 everyday expressions with ‘tell’
  • synonym to ‘I’m wrong’
  • secrets, stories, jokes, lies and the truth!
  • ‘I tell a lie’ – a secret meaning
  • ‘to tell you the truth’ – how to use it?
  • ‘tell me about it!’ – a bit of irony 
  • ‘the difference’ or ‘one from the other’?
  • phrasal verb: ‘to tell somebody off’
  • 15 sentences to repeat out loud while listening to the episode

Happy learning


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