Hey there! This is TOP episode 220. Hack Your Brain and Stay Motivated

Do you struggle with speaking English? Does it block you from achieving your true goals? Are you tired of lacking confidence? This podcast is the place for you. This is Teacher Ola Podcast. My name’s Ola Mierniczak, I’m a teacher empowering English learners to become confident speakers. I firmly believe that the key to fluency is in your pocket. Join my TOPeople newsletter for weekly motivation and free materials. Enjoy your journey to fluency! Happy learning!

Hey there! Welcome to today’s episode! Today I’m going to share something that has changed my work and I know this one simple tip I’m going to give away today can be used in various areas of life. Learning, work, dieting, exercising. It’s a universal tip for achieving goals and I’ve heard about it in Huberman’s podcast which I always recommend to anyone who is interested in how we, humans work. So the thing is, your goal has been set, I mean you’ve set your goal, you’ve decided what exactly you are going to be doing every day to achieve that level of confidence in English, a side note, if you have no idea how to plan your learning you can a. contact me by e-mail or Instagram and set a 30 min free consultation, and I’ll tell you what to do or, b. you can go to episode 76 and follow the protocol, the precise plan I share there. Now, let’s say you’re at this point when you know what to do and you know you want it. You need that confidence and fluency in English and you know it. Ok, so now you’re in a good place but not in a perfect one. Because bad days do happen. There will be days when you feel zero motivation and it’s only natural. So now, what to do? This is the the topic of our today’s episode. 

What to do when you feel zero motivation for learning English? We’ll get there in a moment but first let me tell you what to do on a regular day when you learn  English and you are feeling ok with your level of motivation. And let me digress before we jump in. What I’m telling you today is not something you should start with. You should start with setting your goal, with assigning specific time for it, let’s say 2 30-minute sessions a day. Secondly you need to know what you’re going to be doing. It’s not like I’m gonna learn English. It’s crazy. That’s way too general. You have to be specific and your action has to be measurable. So I’m talking about it a lot in the SIOL course that is still being built, be patient. By the way, if you sign up to my newsletter teacherola.com/newsletter you’ll get informed when the course is ready. If you complete the survey I’ll sent after you sign up at teacherola.com/newsletter you’ll get a solid discount in the pre-sale. 

Back to the main topic. 

So today we’re not dealing with goal-setting but with one specific obstacle that will for sure appear on your path to your goal. What to do when you feel like crap and you are not happy to do your daily learning session. Please wait I’ll tell you what to do. It’s been tested, it’s been proven. I’ve tested this on myself, it does wonders! Ok, first, let’s say you are feeling ok with your daily task. You are motivated you are happy to do the work. I got this from Huberman Lab so go ahead and listen to the whole episode and learn more details about goal reaching. I loved the idea, I’ve implemented it and because I believed it would work it did! Now. Before you do your daily English task you gotta set a timer for like 2-3 minutes and close your eyes. I also like to look at some photos that help me visualise my future after I’ve achieved my goal. So close your eyes and imagine your future with fluent English. Ok, so see yourself doing absolutely fantastic at that job interview, at that call with a client, at that conference, at that English-speaking meeting, at that hotel, at that restaurant. Be specific and see in your mind’s eye your goal achieved. Don’t roll your eyes, it’s not a woo-woo, it’s not wishful thinking, it’s science. That’s how our brains work, You have to show your brain what is possible and why it’s important you focus on the task today. 

Before your daily action, your English learning session, do this one thing. Close your eyes and see yourself at that international conference speaking to everyone without any problem. See yourself confidently speaking English at work. Confidently speaking English at those calls with foreign clients. And so on, you know your goal best. This is highly important, always start your learning session with that free, and proven method.

If you have a so called ‘bad day’, you feel zero motivation to do the course, set your alarm for 2-3 minutes and visualise. But! Something very different. Think about consequences. What will happen if you skip a learning session? How will you feel if you don’t show up today? Feel that disappointment! How will you feel if you stay in that workplace for another year? Feel those feelings. I know it’s not a pleasure but it works. You’ve got to do your thing, you’ve got to complete your daily English practice. Negative emotions will help your brain activate certain neurochemicals and push you to do the thing you don’t feel like doing. See, achieving fluency is in fact super easy. It’s not a rocket science. But you know what’s the problem? The problem is that not doing these easy things, daily tasks, small actions, not doing them is also very easy. So you ‘ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. If you’re ok, visualise the positive outcome, if you’re not motivated on a given day, visualie negative consequences. Try this method for few weeks and see where it takes you!

I’m sure you’ve found something that will help you go on throught the rought patch of lack of motivation. If so please reach out to me on Instagram! Screenshot this episode and publish on your socials or send to a friend who might find this helpful. Now, let’s practice.

Listen to the sentences and repeat them out loud. 

It’s a universal tip for achieving goals.

There will be days when you feel zero motivation 

So now, what to do? 

You have to be specific and your action has to be measurable. 

One specific obstacle that will for sure appear on your path to your goal. 

I’ve tested this on myself, it does wonders! 

Imagine your future with fluent English. 

Don’t roll your eyes.

Think about consequences. 

It’s not a rocket science. 

Here you have it! Catch me on Instagram, let me know you’re a podcast listener. Let me know you’ve tried visualisation. 

Don’t forget to complete the Worksheet for this episode. It’s available at teacherola.com/220. Or, you’ve got it in your inbox if you’re a member of TOPeople. I’ll be back next week, until then, stay fearless, keep speaking, and take care. My name’s Ola Mierniczak, and you were listening to Teacher Ola Podcast. Bye for now! Till next time!