Hey there! This is TOP episode 180. Advanced Irregular Verbs Training

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Let’s jump right into today’s topic. Advanced irregular verbs practice! Listen, remember and say the verb and the sentence out loud. Are you ready? Let’s begin:

One. Bear – bore – born. 

She bore it all with her usual patience.

Two. Creep – crept – crept 

He crept up behind me.

Three. Deal – dealt – dealt 

I don’t like the way you dealt with that customer. 

Four. Flee – fled – fled 

She burst into tears and fled.

Five. Grind – ground – ground

The coffee is ground to a fine powder.

Six.  Hang – hung – hung

Have you hung out the washing?

Seven. Kneel – knelt – knelt 

He knelt in front of the altar and prayed.

Eight. Quit – quit – quit

When did you quit smoking?

Nine. Rise – rose – risen

Prices have risen sharply over the last few months.

Ten. Saw – sawed – sawn 

He accidentally sawed through a cable.

Eleven. Shrink – shrank – shrunk 

The sweater had shrunk after repeated washing.

Twelve. Slit – slit – slit 

Her skirt was slit at both sides.

Thirteen. Strike – struck – struck 

He was struck by the beauty of the scenery.

Here you have it, 13 advanced irregular verbs. Now, go to your inbox and get the worksheet to test yourself. Translate the sentences into English. If you aren’t a member of TOPeople download the worksheet from teacherola.com/180. 

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