Hello there, this is Teacher Ola Podcast episode 0: Here We Go.

My name’s Ola and I am an online English teacher.

This podcast is for you if you’re an English learner who wants to speak English with more confidence and get rid of speaking barriers. You’ll boost your vocabulary, brush up your grammar, improve your pronunciation,  see how to have a tense-free conversation with another English-speaking human being! Go to my website for full transcripts and worksheets to each episode. Happy learning!

Thank you for tuning in! Please note that this episode is transcribed and you can find the text on my website. Go there because you need to see the worksheet. It’ll help you to digest and test all the things covered in this episode. Go to teacherola.com/0, teacherola.com/0.

Well hello, I’m sooo glad you’ve tuned in! Today I’m here to tell you why I decided to start my podcast and what exactly you can expect here every week on Wednesday.

The original idea was a bit different, I wanted to start writing a blog in Polish. It got me thinking though. Why would I become another blogging English teacher who writes about learning English in Polish, you know what I mean? Insane, right?

Why would you like to read in Polish about speaking English? That occurred to me a massive waste of your precious time.

What if I could give you some extra English listening practice? The bottom line is that you want to be more confident in speaking English.  And that is my friend why you need to listen as much as possible. So, again: don’t waste your time reading in Polish! Sounds controversial and counter-intuitive… and maybe you think I discourage you from reading books generally, no I don’t. I just recommend you listening more. Listening and speaking more English than just reading and doing the use of English exercises or grammar ones. Let’s move on.

As you’ve probably heard in the intro, I’m here to help you to eliminate that barrier that stops you from enjoying your life. Sounds cliche…  But that’s exactly what I want to be doing here. I want to show you that every barrier can be demolished and you can freely communicate with people around you, travel, work, learn and develop using English! 

Now it’s obvious to me and makes perfect sense to record these episodes in English, but what kind of content can you expect here? First of all, tips on how to get rid of barriers, that’s for sure. But also vocabulary and grammar but I’ll focus your attention only on those elements which are relevant for speaking. Another idea I have is to talk about some TV series as well as song lyrics. 

On my website: teacherola.com/podcast you’ll find transcripts to all of my episodes. They’re a word-to-word so you can compare how much you’ve understood, or check out some words you couldn’t make out while just listening.

Every episode comes to you as a lesson. It’s not only a listening practice! Therefore on my website, you’ll find worksheets to all episodes so that you can revise some vocabulary items or grammar aspects covered in the episode. This very episode is also transcribed and there is a pdf file with a worksheet for you, so you need to download and practice!

If you have any thoughts on my podcast, please contact me via email: contact@teacherola.com or go to my website and leave a comment there. I’d love to hear from you, your suggestions and your questions!

Don’t forget to download the worksheet: teacherola.com/0

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We’ll get in touch really soon, thank you for listening and till next time! Happy learning. Bye-bye!